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elcome to Martin Consulting, LLC, a progressive health and safety consulting company established in 2001 dedicated to providing world-class support to organizations with goals of improving their overall health and safety performance. We believe the key elements of an organization’s health and safety program involve the overall culture, leadership, and continuous safety improvement systems that are designed to achieving a world-class level of safety performance. Martin Consulting can assist organizations in achieving higher levels of health and safety by providing custom designed systems and the necessary strategic support. Martin Consulting can work with all levels of management from the front line supervisor to the CEO and Board of Directors. Tim A. Martin, President of Martin Consulting, LLC is a nationally recognized safety professional with a track record that includes key leadership positions in several Fortune 500 organizations including one that achieved a number-one US ranking for health and safety. Geoffrey Martin, Vice President of Martin Consulting, LLC brings over 20 years of successful strategic planning, business management, safety education and risk management into the company to form a successful partnership with a combined background of over 57 years of experience.

Martin Consulting is associated with safety professionals across the nation providing a network of resources that can provide all levels of health and safety needs. We will work with your organization to determine the specific needs that will provide an overall plan of action for significant improvements in health and safety. Martin Consulting can provide hands-on initiatives that have been proven successful. We do not provide the program-of-the-month approach for health and safety improvement. We can work with your current health and safety professionals and operations managers to strengthen current programs in place or provide complete systems that are customized to your industry.

We have found that the key factors which directly affect employee safety are related to human behavior and vary little from industry to industry, only the hazards are different. We can assist you and your organization in achieving the highest level of safety that will provide a working environment second to none. The success of your organization starts with your employees’ health and safety. Martin Consulting can assist you in achieving the level of success that your employees, leadership and stockholders deserve.


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